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Lake Charles Truck Law Firm | Statewide Louisiana & Nationwide

If you have been a victim of a truck accident or any related circumstances and you want justice for what happened to you, you have a legal claim against the individual or company liable for your injuries. This particular claim can be fully understood with the help of a qualified truck injury lawyer specializing in truck injury laws and other related legislations. Regardless of the injuries you sustained as long as other people caused it, you can always seek for compensation with the help of an experienced lawyer.

But the question is: how much does it cost to hire a truck injury attorney?

If you are involved in a truck accident, there is a huge possibility that you will need to hire the services of a good truck accident attorney. His or her legal expertise can help you recover losses and financial settlement due to the accident while reducing huge amount of paperwork and the hassle of government red tape and other troubles often related to truck accident insurance claims. Knowing exactly when to contact a truck accident attorney can make a huge difference between losing monetary damages and justly resolving the case.

Truck Accident Attorney’s Fees

A lot of truck accident cases are often handled on a ‘no win no pay’ contingency basis. If the lawyer fails to win the truck accident case on behalf of the victim, the lawyer will not collect a fee. However, should the truck accident lawyer manage to win the case or reach a settlement with the liable party, he or she will be entitled for a percentage of the money recovered from the personal injury settlement. Depending on the agreement, the percentage for the attorney’s fee differs from case to case although approximately forty percent or one third of the total monetary settlement will be counted as the attorney’s fee in accordance to the limits implemented by the State where the case was filed. You may note that the cost of hiring a truck injury attorney varies and sometimes, you may be required to shoulder a portion of expenses related to your case.

The good thing about truck injury claims is that the victim may not have to pay upfront costs when hiring the services of a truck injury attorney. Since most lawyers for this type of personal injury claim will handle the case on a contingency fee basis, there is a huge possibility that no money will be paid for hiring a lawyer depending on the winnability of the case. Technically, you will not be paying anything with regards to your attorney’s fees whether or not he or she wins or lost the case. But if your lawyer is able to recover some money, expenses such expert testimony fees, court costs and other related administrative fees necessary on the duration of your case may be taken out of your settlement check. But if there is no financial settlement, you may have to pay these fees from your own pocket. That is why it is important that you make careful choices when looking for a truck injury attorney to hire.

Hiring The Right Truck Injury Attorney

Having the right questions to ask your truck injury attorney is very important to make sure you talking with the right person. Before you decide to pay a visit to a lawyer, make sure you prepare some questions that can help evaluate the lawyer’s experience as well as his or her expertise in handling truck injury cases such as yours.

Find out how long he has been practicing truck injury law and if he had enough courtroom experience handling the same case as yours. Avoid reaching a final verdict based on the lawyer’s courtroom experience, because usually, this is not a good way to assess the potential success of your truck injury case. Apart from that, although it is essential to make an inquiry about the service fee being offered by the truck injury attorney; do not make it as your sole basis not to hire an attorney just because his or her services are expensive.

The fact that the contingency fee offered by the truck injury attorney is high, it proves that he or she is quite capable of making your truck injury case succeed in the courtroom or make the liable party reach a settlement before the case make it to court. Likewise, you may want to know how many clients with cases similar to yours the attorney handled in the past and find out how it turned out. Also ask if there are specific types of cases they focus on. If there are other truck injury attorneys that will be helping with the case, ask how they much are involved and if find out if it is possible for you to also meet them. With these things in mind, finding a good and expert truck injury attorney will be as easy as it can be.


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