Weaver Truck Accident Law Firm

Powerful, Experienced, Compassionate Attorneys Fight for Client Rights

The Texas truck injury attorneys of Weaver Truck Law Firm are represent specifically truck accidents, other auto accident, bad drug injuries, and premises liability. Additional injury lawsuits for clients throughout Texas are also common. Our attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience with numerous accolades and honors.

An Upper Hand Against Insurance Companies

When a person has been injured from a truck accident, you could end up going against powerful insurance companies. They will fight all the way to the end by going to court for many cases. But our attorneys have what it takes to beat them in court and force them to pay the financial amount you deserve. These insurance carriers have nearly endless financial resources to retain experienced defense attorneys to fight against potential victims and minimize their financial payouts. Because of this, it is important to hire an attorney who has significant legal experience, specifically in the trial realms so that they can aggressively fight for your rights. Our attorneys are no strangers of going to trial and have extensive experience in the court room. If a loved one or you have been injured seriously by a truck accident or any type of accident, call Weaver Truck Law for capable and compassionate representation.

Consult a Texas Truck Injury Lawyer

Your consultation is free, so you do not need to hesitate in contacting us today. You can visit with our attorneys over the phone, in person, or we can come to you if you are not able to travel well. You can speak directly with an attorney to discuss options that you have available in your situation. We can help you fight to receive full financial recovery for injury damages. Medical bills resulting from personal injuries as well as lost wages are extremely high with some situations and quickly can get out of control and become simply above your ability to afford; lost work can also result in severe hardship for your family and you.

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