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Truck part manufacturers are companies that are involved in the designing and making of different truck parts. Manufacturers may not be involved in making all the truck parts. Rather there are manufacturers that specialize in the production of specific parts such as tires, carriers/cargo, engines, lights, steering equipment, breaks, etc.

According to motor vehicle safety regulations in most countries, the safety of a truck or any other vehicle is tied to the performance of the truck in a way that it focuses on the consideration of public safety as well as the surrounding individuals from any reckless risk that can cause an accident. Manufacturers play a legal role in the safety of drivers or outcome of accidents. How? A manufacturer can be held responsible or deemed liable if a car accident was in part due to any defects in the truck’s parts.

Not only are truck part manufacturers expected to follow safety procedures when producing auto parts to ensure the safety of drivers but they are also expected to follow safety standards and regulations.  Federal regulations are placed to ensure all the parts are built in accordance to safety standards.

However, not all part manufacturers take yield in the regulations they are required to follow which can lead to the endangerment of drivers, passengers and the public.

Flaws in truck performance may be due to defective parts leading to higher chances of being involved in an accident. Here are some instances where a truck part manufacturer may be held liable for a collision.

Poor Wiring Systems In Trucks

Basic wiring is a sore point within the trucks and all the vehicles. The default operations of a truck are compromised when the system wiring is not properly installed. Improper cable connections can cause abrasions and with time these wires become damaged. Damage to system wires compromise the truck driver’s safety due to a connection malfunction. Those who install the wiring systems for vehicles are liable for any accident that may result due to improper wiring.

Damaged Steering Components

The steering system in a truck should be stable enough to deliver directional control of the chassis. It ensures that all the wheels are taking controlled turns. The part manufacturer has to keep this in mind as he designs and manufactures the steering component. Those who install these components can be liable for flaws that can lead to loss of control and in turn can lead to an accident.

Defects in a Truck’s Brake System

Defective brake systems are another dangerous defect that can lead to catastrophic accidents. The manufacturer of the brakes system may be held liable for the accident if the brakes systems are not properly installed or fallible.

Selling Unsafe Tires

It is the responsibility of a tire manufacturer to also follow safety regulations. A manufacturer is liable for accidents when important information about the tires are not disclosed to a customer. For instance, if a tire manufacturer does not inform the customer of tire defects, the seller or company can be held liable for any damage or injuries from a collision.

Defective Axles

Truck axles are another important component in vehicles that should meet safety standards. When rear axles are not precisely designed by the manufacturer, drivers experience less control over the wheel which cause trucks to bounce due to tire tread separation. This bouncing of the axle can cause skating to the rear of the truck leasing to loss of control and accidents.

Defect in Airbag Deployment

Air bags are a supporting restraint system in cars that inflate to protect drivers and passengers during a collision. Defective airbag systems can cause airbags to inflate when not needed causing the driver to lose control on the road that can lead to fatal accidents. It is important for manufacturers to check for potential flaws in airbag systems. Manufacturers can be held responsible for accidents when flaws in airbag systems are neglected or improperly fixed.

Defect in Gears

Gear defects in trucks can lead to major accidents. The manufacturers need to be very careful as liability factors should be taken into consideration to avoid any malfunctions. In the case of any defect caused from the manufacturers’ negligence, they are charged for all the damages caused in case of an accident.

There are many other truck parts that if not installed properly can cause a defect that would lead to an accident. The truck part manufacturers are legally responsible to follow federal regulations to meet motor vehicle safety standards. When truck parts manufacturers fail in their task to meet safety standards in order to keep drivers and the public safety, they can be held legally responsible for any damage or injuries caused by vehicle collisions. Many accidents due to flaws in truck parts can be prevented if manufacturers ensure that the all parts meet safety standards regulated in each state.