Steps to File an Accident Claim

Texas Statute of Limitations

Nobody ever thinks they will be injured seriously in a truck accident. And for this reason, few drivers know the steps after being injured from such a horrible event. For those who have been seriously injured from the negligence of another, like a serious truck truck accident or other car accident, it is vital that you act in a timely manner. For the Texas statute of limitations for injury, you have a two year period before a legal restriction is placed on your case which bars you from obtaining damages in Texas. If more than 2 years passes following an accident before filing an injury claim, compensation will likely be out of the question.

What Should I Do Following an Accident?

Immediately following an injury from a truck accident or other motor vehicle accident, call a Texas truck injury attorney. Weaver Truck Accident Law Firm focuses on truck accidents and will provide the skills and knowledge to assist you with each steps of the process and represent you against the corporation or insurance company if your lawsuit goes to court. With the powerful assistance of Weaver, you can be sure you will be guided throughout the entire process. They will quickly encourage and help you in gathering necessary physical evidence, any required documents, as well as personal information that must be used to properly file an injury claim against the insurance company. Without the correct legal documents along with proof that injury occurred such as medical records, you could possibly be barred from recovering the maximum amount of money for injuries and other damages.

Once you have gathered the necessary information (and we will help you in gathering this information as needed,) the insurance carrier must be contacted and this information will be provided to the liable party (the insurance company,) as well as to make a formal statement. Your attorney will handle this and all additional communication with the insurance company. This is important because if you speak to the insurance company without their help, they could attempt to use your words against you or use your formal statement to bring questions about any issues of fact. They have a goal of getting your claim reduced to the lowest financial amount possible, or getting it thrown out entirely based on things like technicalities that would remove them from their rightful liability to pay for damages.

The insurance company may offer you a settlement right away, and these are typically at a significant amount less than what you would deserve for the accident. Once again, this returns to the point of how insurance companies seek to pay out as little as possible. We can help to negotiate higher amounts of financial compensation for clients. When the insurance company is unwilling to pay what they owe, our law firm will take your case through the litigation process for you and go to court if needed to win money on your behalf. Calling our experienced attorneys levels the field so that it is fair against the insurance companies.

Hire a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Richard Weaver has represented thousands of clients over a period of more than 28 years. And the Weaver Truck Accident Law Firm has extensive credentials to properly handle your injury case. You deserve financial compensation that fully covers the extent of injuries and loss of income. So we urge you to call our office today to receive experienced truck injury representation. We assist in gathering evidence, we help you by preparing necessary documents, and handle all communication with insurance companies to aggressively fight for your financial rights to a settlement or court verdict when going to court to recover financial damages.