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FedEx’s standards stress both speed and efficiency when it comes to their deliveries. Much of that has to do with the strict deadlines that they must adhere to, along with competing against other delivery services when it comes to shipping packages. Now, when you combine all of these factors, you get a glorified mess. Think about it, just a small moment of carelessness will result in a horrible accident that could injure many or even kill someone.

If you’ve been hit by a FedEx truck, note that in all 50 states, there are truck induced cases that you can file if you or someone you know has been involved in one. Contact a personal injury attorney immediately after you the incident as time is of the essence when it comes to these cases.

Unfortunately, there are more FedEx accidents that occur than you might think. In 2011, a FedEx semi truck crashed into a car killing a woman and her daughter. The $165 million compensation set records when it came to collision restitution.

There are many causes of FedEx truck accidents, and it’s important that you know the most common of them:

  • Drivers are extremely tired, as they are operating at late hours past midnight, sometimes running on very little, to no sleep.
  • Some drivers should not be on the road as they are not licensed to operate a FedEx delivery vehicle.
  • Traffic laws are broken and abused.
  • Due to the high traffic of deliveries coming in on a regular basis, FedEx drivers tend to speed to try and cram deliveries all together.
  • Some drivers even drink while on the job or abuse paraphernalia.
  • Weather conditions may make the road slippery and dangerous.

Remember, if you are involved in a lawsuit with FedEx, it’s more complicated than your traditional truck accident case. The company has an insurance policy that is in the billions and will do everything that they can to fight back at the charge. When it comes to the lawsuit, victims will often blame either the driver that is operating the vehicle or the driver’s employer for neglecting to properly train the driver, placing them on the road and failing to keep safety in mind. Much of these lawsuits are drawn in the middle. And, it doesn’t have to do much with who you are going to blame, partly because the attorney that you hire will shape the case around the objective details involving the accident. An attorney that is experienced and familiar with this type of litigation involving FedEx is recommended for your case.

Once an accident occurs and you, or your passenger, has suffered bodily injury, you need to remember to follow the preliminary procedures as if you were in any other car accident. Remember to address medical concerns first. Call the police and explain what happened. Many cases, injuries are more serious than they initially appear to be. Taking precautionary measure is always the best route to take. In addition to this, you need to photograph all of the damages and trade contact information with the FedEx driver. If FedEx is at fault, you may be able to continue pursuing a claim and a lawsuit. Your attorney will build a case around the accident and work with you every step of the way to prepare a plan of action. FedEx is ultimately responsible for training their drivers for their deliveries as well as how their vehicle functions. The negligent actions of the employees reflect on the employer, which would be FedEx when it comes down to it. So, don’t expect the employee to be paying out of his or her pockets when an accident occurs. It will be shifted back towards the company of FedEx.

A claim can also be opened if a delivery truck was suffering from mechanical issues. The company would therefore be responsible for the lack of maintenance on their vehicles. This actually happens more than you might believe and several claims have been opened due to this issue.

Regardless of the accident and the blame, there still needs to be substantial evidence proving that FedEx was at fault. One of the first things that your attorney needs is solid evidence for the claim to actually be accepted by the insurance company.

Another good way to prove your claim is to find any violation that the FedEx driver has committed and using that as objective evidence to proceed with the claim. Note that it’s definitely harder than it seems, especially when you are recovering from your injuries. This is where the case is turned over to the personal injury attorney. They will further handle the lawsuit and do all the work for you while you focus on more important things that you need to handle such as recovering from your injuries.