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Trucks, tractor trailers, 18-wheelers and other types of big rigs are enormous in sheer size and weight, sometimes weighing in excess of 80,000 pounds. As they hurtle down the roads, the danger they pose could be increased by many folds if there is a problem with the loads they are carrying.

Overloaded trucks and trucks with unsecured loads have been the cause of a significant percentage of all the truck accidents that occur on a yearly basis, causing thousands of deaths and injuries. Building supplies, dry goods, furniture, hazardous chemicals and a lot of others are frequently transported using trucks. If a truck tips over because its weight has shifted, it can become an instant deathtrap for all the other vehicles that are in the vicinity.

The scene of a truck accident is always a very horrifying sight. As a result of the sheer weight and size of a truck or other type of big vehicle, when they are in accidents with a smaller passenger car, the damage is always on a much bigger and more horrendous scale than would have been the case if the accident had been one involving two cars of similar sizes.

The size of a truck, along with its weight, means that it will be more difficult to bring to a stop, and will retain its momentum for a much longer period than smaller vehicles would. In the case of a collision between two cars, the relatively similar sizes of the cars would act to limit the damage they inflict on each other somewhat. Also, the damage done to both vehicles will be of similar amount. Again, this is due to the fact that they have similar sizes and weights. In the event of a collision between a truck and a passenger car, the truck will likely come out of the crash unscathed while the car will be mangled, crumpled and often simply thrown to the side of the road. There is no other type of accident that compares with truck accidents in terms of the proportion of cars that are totaled and damaged beyond any hope of repair.

The damage that is done to vehicles is bad enough, but when one considers the damage and injuries suffered by the occupants of the vehicles, the horror increases by many folds. At the scene of a truck accident, one is likely to come across victims with broken bones, fractured skulls, damaged spinal cords, neck wounds, burns, internal injuries and a wide variety of other injuries. As to fatalities, it is a fact that a truck accident is much more likely to result in dead people than a car accident. Even if some victims were able to escape with their lives and eventually heal from their injuries, the trauma of being involved in something as horrific as a truck accident often leaves them with mental issues for the rest of their lives.

The sadness of victims and their families as a result of truck accidents are always amplified when they learn that their sorrow could have been avoided, but for some people who did not do their jobs properly, thereby causing the accident and all the injuries, and possibly deaths. Defective vehicles are a very big cause of truck accidents, according to several studies. They could either be defects in the vehicles right from the place of manufacture or defects that arose as a result of the usage of a particular spare part to repair the vehicle at some point in time. Either way, those defects are often the result of negligence and carelessness on the part of the manufacturer.

It is a fact that money cannot possibly be enough compensation for victims of truck accidents or their families who have been injured or lost a loved one, however, it is essential that a Montgomery truck accident attorney be called in to begin preparing a claim against the liable party. First, it is important that the parties responsible for the accident be made to pay so as to deter them, and second; it might be helpful for the victim and their families to be able to access some money to cover hospital bills and other incidental costs.